First lady Rosalynn Carter's legacy on mental health boils down to one word: Hope
The former first lady fought with persistence to put care for mental and physical health on equal footing and to eliminate discrimination toward people with mental illnesses.
Before dying, she made a fund to cancel others' medical debt — now $60 million worth
NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks with Andrew Gregory about his late wife, Casey McIntyre, and the medical debt cancellation fund she set up before she died earlier in November of ovarian cancer.
Watching war unfold is distressing — here's how to protect your mental health
Doomscrolling won't help the people who are suffering and it might put you into a state of chronic stress. A psychiatrist who works with trauma shares advice for how to process global tragedy.
Science says teens need more sleep. So why is it so hard to start school later?
Research about sleep and teens' brains has spurred a few states to bar high schools from starting classes very early. But in Nashville, they still start at 7:05 a.m., and changing that won't be easy.
The unsung hero who paid attention when no one else would
In this week's Unsung Hero, Sarah Lubarsky recalls the doctor who addressed her fiancé's medical emergency when no one else would.
Texas abortion case heard before state's highest court, as more women join lawsuit
Dr. Dani Mathisen is one of 20 patients who say abortion bans in Texas harmed them during complicated pregnancies. Attorneys in the lawsuit will argue before the Texas Supreme Court Tuesday.
New Delhi's deadly smog stirs political turmoil
Smog in New Delhi is so bad that one study suggests residents lose eight years of life from inhaling it. Politicians are trading blame.
A Florida election fraud chief died last year in the hallway of Ron DeSantis' office
Peter Antonacci, the head of Florida's elections fraud office, had just left a heated meeting when he collapsed in the hallway of the governor's office, according to a newly released investigation.
CIA, Mossad chiefs meet in Qatar as Israel-Hamas truce is extended
Talks between US and Israeli spy agencies in Qatar, which is key mediator, include issue of captives held in Gaza.
Pope Francis cancels trip to Dubai climate summit over health issues
The 86-year-old pontiff is recovering from the flu and inflammation of respiratory tract.
Hamas releases 12 more captives as Gaza truce holds for fifth day
Israel releases 30 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for 10 Israeli hostages, according to mediator Qatar.
Saudi Arabia selected to host World Expo in 2030
Country also expected to host 2034 World Cup achieves latest in series of wins for Gulf states on international events.